Adventure Mode In Black Gold Will Require You To Login On Time




We last looked at magic versus machinery MMORPG Black Gold’s Chambers of Greed and Energy Well concepts. This time, we’re looking at Adventure mode.


Adventure mode opens up progressively to players after they hit level 13. Some quests are solo, others paired or done in groups. You can only complete them each a few times a day, sort of like a daily quest in any other MMORPG. It looks like these are intended as a “get in, finish something meaningful, log out” sort of mode for those who are too busy.




That’s why the screenshot above appears to be asking players to log in during their lunch hour for the Grand Prix adventure. Something short, sharp and fun. For those who can’t spend all night playing, this is a pretty welcome feature that’s beginning to make its way into more MMO’s so it seems.


Black Gold is in open beta now.