imageCompile Heart (surprise, surprise) is bringing Agarest Senki Zero to Xbox 360. Famitsu has an article about the port, Agarest Senki Zero Dawn of War, which outlines extras.


  • An additional new costume
  • Girls change their outfit depending on their feelings towards the main character. When you include downloadable content, each girl has seven costumes.
  • Event gallery mode where you can watch events
  • Unreleased CG that wasn’t used in the PlayStation 3 version.


Unreleased artwork? Record of Agarest War Re-appearance, the Xbox 360 version of Record of Agarest War, was a tad racier than the PlayStation 3 version. Nothing salacious, though. Record of Agarest War is still a CERO C (15 and up) title and a “T” for teen game in North America.

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