Agartha Guides A Mysterious Masked Statue Through Gloomy Lands, Isometric Battles



A living statue, its face obscured by a dark mask, awakens in a tomb to a gloomy world of ruins in isometric RPG Agartha.


Players must help this statue seek answers in this stony labyrinth, working their way through its twisting corridors and fighting any creature that means to do them harm within it. The statue is capable of dodging around in a hurry, darting around foes as they strike back at them. Players will want to avoid harm where possible, as their brittle body does not allow them to take much punishment.

Agartha features a day/night cycle that changes in-game events based on the time of day. Also, players may find NPCs that have some information about this place and possibly the statue’s own story, and players can use items and certain lines of questioning to get these clues out of them. As players build up an inventory of items and information, they can access more clues from NPCs, having players do their own investigations as they wander the ruins.


Agartha is currently in development, with a demo available through

Alistair Wong
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