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Akiba’s Beat Character Introduction Video Features Cool Kid Yamato Hongo



Acquire released the latest character introduction trailer for their upcoming action RPG Akiba’s Beat. The new video gives us a closer look at Yamato Hongo, the 16-year-old “chuuni” cool kid.


Yamato Hongo’s coolness level starts out off the charts at the beginning of the video, where he says “I guess I’ll help. You can’t do anything on your own, right?” While he might try a bit hard to be the cool guy, he seems to be informative. He also says that he gets enough of repeating Sundays from anime film features.


While he does seem to know a thing or two about anime, he admits that he’s not able to keep up with all the otaku culture in Akiba with all the maids and idols. He seems to just want to get everything over with, but there seems to be a bit more going on in his mind when he says “I didn’t even want to save the world” at the end of the video.


Here are more details on Yamato from our earlier report:

A 16-year-old high school student who is considered a “chuuni.” He’s a modern youth that tries his best to come off as a cool guy, and is interested in Akihabara’s culture. Even a guy like him ends up finding out about the “eroded delusions.”


Akiba’s Beat will release in Japan in fall 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. North America will get the game sometime in winter 2016. You can check out more character introductions with the protagonist Asahi Tachibana and the always-smiling happy idol Riyu Momose.

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