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Akiba’s Beat Details Its Key Characters And World That Repeats On A Sunday Loop



Acquire recently announced the latest title of their Akiba’s series with Akiba’s Beat, an upcoming action RPG for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Here are details from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Akiba’s Beat will be directed by Divine Gate director Kota Takano. Its theme song will be performed by ClariS and character designs by UCMM.


As for the game itself, it’ll depict a realistically reproduced Akihabara in HD-quality, which will be its setting. There aren’t too many details on the story, but it mentions that the protagonists are imprisoned by delusions and trapped in a world where Sunday repeats. 


Asahi Tachibana (Protagonist): A 19-year-old who goes to Kamigyo to enter university, however, he drops out in his first year after not being able to find a meaning to go. He’s been living the NEET life ever since then.


Saki Hoshino: An 18-year-old girl who moves to Akihabara to attend a vocational school. Before meeting Asahi, she’s been working with her familiar “Pin-kun” to destroy the “world of delusions” and defending peace.


Pin-kun: A familiar who works together with Saki. It seems to have a misunderstanding of thinking of itself as “pretty.”


Riu Momose: A 14-year-old active idol based in Akihabara.


Yamato Hongo: A 16-year-old who acts like the cool guy, but doesn’t realize that it ends up making him just look cute. He’s the one that gets playfully picked on by the group.


Dungeons in the game are pretty much the embodiment of delusions, and will be done in symbol encounter fashion, where you’ll need to walk into an enemy for battles to start.


Asahi and friends will get to equip special headphones to go into battle mode, which vastly increases their battle capabilities.


Akiba’s Beat will release in Japan in fall 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Its development is currently 75% complete.

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