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Akiba’s Beat Shares Screens And Details On Key Characters And Its Delusion-Warped Akihabara



Acquire previously shared a first look at their upcoming PS4 and PS Vita game Akiba’s Beat, a new title from the Akiba’s series. Here’s a look at the latest on the game directed by Kohta Takano, with designs by UCMM, and a main theme by ClariS.





The stage is set in realistic 3DCG-style Akihabara, in a world that is being eroded by delusions and a group of seven youths must take on the challenge. Reality and delusions get mixed up in this city, where the story unfolds.



Akihabara is getting distorted by delusions, and not only in shape, but also its everyday life. Protagonist Asahi and friends find themselves trapped in a “Sunday that repeats” eternally.



In the midst of this Akihabara that is eroded by delusions, a rumored man in a pink cloak appears on several occasions. They say that he’s involved in various incidents but his identity remains a mystery. Exactly what’s his purpose?


Here’s a look at some of the key characters:


Asahi Tachibana



The “Flawless Miracle NEET.” A 19-years old who goes to Kamigyo to enter university, however, he drops out in his first year after not being able to find a meaning to go. He’s been enjoying the NEET life in Akihabara ever since then, until he encounters the “eroded delusions.”


Saki Hoshino



An 18-year-old girl who moves to Akihabara to attend a vocational school. Before meeting Asahi, she’s been working with her familiar “Pin-kun” to destroy the “world of delusions” and defending peace.



Riyu Momose



A 14-year-old idol known as “Rippyon.” She’s active in the Akihabara area, and often holds mini-concerts and greeting sessions with fans; however, even such a girl like Riyu encounters the “eroded delusions.”


Yamato Hongo





A 16-year-old high school student who is considered a “chuuni.” He’s a modern youth that tries his best to come off as a cool guy, and is interested in Akihabara’s culture. Even a guy like him ends up finding out about the “eroded delusions.”





A mysterious adorably ugly creature that tags alongside Saki. It thinks of itself as a pretty and cute mascot character. Pin-kun speaks in a provocative manner, but ends up providing Asahi and the others with proper support.


Next up is a look at some of the game’s system features:



In Akiba’s Beat, the battles take place in a bit of a different stage called the “Delusion Palace,” which appears in the whirl of delusions that is Akihabara.



The Delusion Palace has strange monsters created from delusions. Asahi and friends will need to use their weapons and skills in order to take on the delusion-made monsters in these dungeons.



Putting on headphones in the middle of battle changes into a battle mode, and expands your strategy. We’ll learn more about this feature in a future report.


Akiba’s Beat will release in Japan in fall 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. North America will get the game sometime in winter 2016.

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