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Akiba’s Beat Video Introduces The Innocent Daydreamer Saki Hoshino



    Acquire’s new character introduction video for their upcoming action RPG Akiba’s Beat features the innocent daydreamer Saki Hoshino, who enjoys her days working together with Asahi and friends.


    The video starts out with Saki sounding pretty happy about the fact that her everyday life has changed. The mascot she’s with is named Pin-kun, and he’s Saki’s familiar. She seems pretty enthusiastic about getting rid of the delusions that have been taking over Shinjuku.


    She explains in the video that she likes the days that are different from everyday life, and enjoys destroying the delusions. Perhaps we’ll learn more about her background in the game and the reason why she seems to enjoy fixing up Shinjuku more than anyone else in the party.


    Here are more details on her from our earlier report:

    An 18-year-old girl who moves to Akihabara to attend a vocational school. Before meeting Asahi, she’s been working with her familiar “Pin-kun” to destroy the “world of delusions” and defending peace.


    Akiba’s Beat will release in Japan in fall 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. North America will get the game sometime in winter 2016. You can check out more character introductions with the protagonist Asahi Tachibana, the always-smiling happy idol Riyu Momose, and the “chuuni” cool kid Yamato Hongo.

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