Akiba’s Trip 2 Makers Made A Game About Making Sushi From Aliens



Akiba’s Trip 2 maker Acquire recently released a game called Galactic Sushi, a game that requires hunting down aliens in order to use their parts for high-class sushi for space travelers. The official website shares more details on what the game is all about.


Here’s what the story of Galactic Sushi is like:


Humanity never knows when to cease research. It is the space age, where mankind has acquired the means to reside on other planets outside of Earth. With the birth of a space industry, there has been a spark of enthusiasm back on Earth.


One of the major topics surrounding space exploration is the subject of “food,” and the endless possibilities that professional chefs see in an exquisite, high-quality ingredients that come from extraterrestrial creatures known as the “Gyojyu”.


As a sushi chef, a young man named has Jiro decided to travel outside of Earth, in order to find a new peak for sushi and become the best sushi chef in outer space.



The controls are pretty simple, as you just need to roll the ball-type controller towards any enemy Gyojyu. Once you move into the enemy, the character will automatically attack, but you can also use skills. Upon killing the Gyojyu, they’ll turn into sushi-making parts.



While fighting Gyojyu, you’ll be able to attack, use skills, and heal yourself for a chance of getting sushi material; however, the Gyojyu will also attack nearby customers, so you’ll want to defend them as you fight. You’ll find customers scattered around, and you’ll get to call them to your traveling stand to make sushi for them as a way of making money.


Once you have enough money, you’ll get to increase your stats or upgrade weapons. You can also customize your traveling sushi stand, by adding weapons or designs.



The above is a look at all the playable characters of Galactic Sushi. They all have their own specialties, and you’ll get to play and level up whichever ones fit your playstyle.


Galactic Sushi is currently available in Japan for Android and iPhone.

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