aksyslogo.jpgAfter covering Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles and Super Dodgeball Brawlers there were a handful of left over reader questions for Aksys. Most of these were general questions about the company and I was able to squeeze most of them in a chat with Gail Salamanca.


In general it's tough for independent publishers to grab retail space. Are retailers being more supportive? Can we expect to see Jake Hunter and Super Dodgeball Brawlers in many stores or are they going to be hard to find? (Thanks for the question Aaron!)


It's always tough to get shelf space in the face of all the titles hitting the shelves on top of being a smaller publisher, but we'll be doing our best to have our games available at all major retailers and in healthy supply.


Lately Aksys has been localizing a lot of Arc System Works games. Are you going to take care of Guilty Gear II and Shikigami no Shiro III as well? < Spencer’s note: This question was asked before Castle of Shikigami III was officially announced. > (Thanks for the question Aaron Natabuu!)


No decisions have been made on either game yet, so I can't comment.


Speaking of Arc System Works is Aksys going to be the main place to look for Arc System Works titles? (Thanks for the question Aaron!)


Like I've said before we have a great relationship with Arc System Works so I wouldn't be too surprised if you see more of their games done by us.


What about games from other companies? Does Aksys plan to partner with other companies?


Definitely! We're always on the look out for unique titles.


Maybe… to bring over RPGs? Are there any new RPGs in the pipeline? (Thanks for the question JeremyR!)


We don't have any other games in the pipe at the moment other than the ones that we've already announced, but I'm sure we'll have some surprises for you soon.

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