PlayStation 3

Aksys Shows What Happens When A God Of Magic Gets Imprisoned


Magus, the first co-developed game by Aksys and new Japanese developer Black Tower, was quietly announced back in June this year. While it was initially slated for a release in 2013, the game has now been pushed back to an “early 2014” release date on the PlayStation 3.


Players are the titular Magus, the God of Magic who has been sealed away in the Waterfall kingdom and tortured for years and years. Finally, a strange warrior woman called Kina appears and frees him, beseeching him to fulfill his destiny and, presumably, bring magic back into the world.


gameplay01 gameplay02


The main gimmick of Magus is that Magus (this could get confusing) is a master of chroma-magic, with the ability to absorb energy from the red, blue, green spectrum. As a third-person action-adventure game, you’ll run around flinging spells as a normal course of action rather than swing a sword – that’s up to your partner Kina to handle. Like in most such games, you’ll be able to level up, increasing your abilities in one of the three trees of magic and learn new magic abilities such as teleportation. There’s also the ability to upgrade equipment with gem sockets ala Diablo.


gameplay03 gameplay04

While the game does look a little rough around the edges, we’ll keep an eye on this and pass on word once more is available.


Magus is slated for an early 2014 release on the PlayStation 3.