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Alia’s Carnival Is Headed To PlayStation Vita With New Scenes And Characters



    Dramatic Create are publishing the 2014 PC visual novel Alia’s Carnival! by NanaWind, and its headed to PlayStation Vita with new scenes, visuals, and characters by the original staff. The official website tells us more on what else is new.


    The story of Alia’s Carnival! takes place at the Sakumo ward, known for its sakura cherry blossom trees. They’ve been trying to redevelop the ward, so they began a new experiment where they get students to participate in the construction of Sakumodai Gakuin for a better student life.


    Students who put in more effort into improving the learning environment get all kinds of benefits, with the top place getting an extra special privilege. The game’s protagonist, Ren Saijou, retuns to Sakumo after being away for a while, then returns as a transfer student.


    Ren is once again back with his shy sister, and also his childhood friend who had grown up into a much prettier young lady. On his first day in school, Ren gets himself into trouble, but ends up saving a girl. This girl then asked him to join her club that aims to change the school for the better. And thus begins Ren’s exciting new school life.


    Alia’sCarnival! Sacrament on PlayStation Vita will feature new scenario, visuals, and completely new characters by the original staff, including new touchscreen controls. It will go for 6,900 yen plus tax for retail copies and 5,900 yen plus tax for digital.


    Alia’s Carnival! Sacrament will release in Japan on October 29, 2015.

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