Alice In Wonderland Reimagined As A Horror Game With Alice’s Warped World


image While we haven’t seen much of Sunsoft in the West after Blaster Master: Overdrive, they’re still developing games in Japan. Sunsoft created a horror series called the Nightmare Project and have been adapting those games for Android. Alice’s Warped World, a twisted re-imagining of the classic Alice in Wonderland story, is a text adventure game that follows a high school girl named Alice.


Characters from its source material make an appearance in the mobile horror game as well, including the Cheshire Cat and elusive White Rabbit. The game promises to be silly at times, but serious and sad when it needs to be. The player moves around the world by flicking left and right, similar to flipping the pages of a book.


The game seems to take place in and around Alice’s High School. Instead of being a loud, rotund authority figure of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts takes on the appearance of a girl Alice’s age, holding a bloodied scythe. Simple choices the player makes, like refusing to eat food served to her by a frog waiter, can affect how the story progresses and ultimately ends.



Alice’s Warped World is available now on Google Play where it has a positive response from user reviews. The game has not been translated into English.