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Alisa Gets A Santa Costume In God Eater 2



Namco Bandai will bring joy to those in the world hoping to see Alisa prancing about in a Santa outfit—but you may have to wait a little bit to unwrap the present.


Those who purchase God Eater 2 digitally on either the PSP or Vita before December 1st will get a special referral code to hit up a special Christmas mission. This will drop the items needed to craft the Santa suit. That referrer can also gift the code to one more person.


I think I hear some of you screaming “BUT WHAT ABOUT US WHO BOUGHT IT DAY ONE?!?!?!!!1111!!1!!!” Hey hey calm down, this is Namco’s idea of getting people to get online and slay Aragami together. Those who don’t have codes can still be invited to games which are hosting the special Christmas mission (which will not go away after Christmas either, so don’t panic) and obtain the drops needed for the costume from there as well.


Alisa in a Christmas outfit for Christmas sounds like a great Christmas, wouldn’t you agree?


God Eater 2 is out now for the Sony PSP and Vita.