All About Demon Drive, Sega’s RPG Where You Transform Into Demons



The concept behind Sega’s Demon Drive is to transform and fight as a demons in competitive 3v3 battles.


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The two main features of Demon Drive are the Battle Part and Growth Part, in this new competitive co-op battle RPG. As the name suggests, Battle Part will consist of either single player or player vs player in 3v3 modes. The Growth Part will have several training features to choose from, which can be used to boost Demon, Agent and Hideout stats.


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From now until the 31st of March, they are hosting a campaign event that rewards players with 500CP (worth 500 yen) to purchase cash shop items, simply by clearing the Tutorial Mode until the given date.


Demon Drive Story

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The stage is set in the near future, when the star, Betelgeuse, exploded from the Orion constellation. A ripple from the explosion caused the boundary line which protected our world from the dream world to collapse. The distortion between the two worlds granted access to the demons from the dream world to wreak havoc on our planet. In order to put it to an end, a secret society known as “Omega Surveillance” has been put into action… and that was that was the start to the biggest problem yet.


More on Omega Surveillance:


The Omega Surveillance have members with an ability, known as “Demon Drive”. These members are called “Agents” and fight on the front lines in the war against demons. The Agents use their ability which can seal demons within their own bodies. Demon Drive tells the story of these heroes living in darkness.




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              Jack                                Snow White                     Yamato Takeru

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                       Robin Hood                         Red Hood

Demon Drive is currently available to download for free (with cash shop items) on iPhone in Japan.

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