PlayStation 3

All The Fun Things You Can Do With Your Little Sisters (Who Can’t Be This Cute)


My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! HappyenD is almost out, and Namco Bandai have teased a new trailer for the Sony PlayStation 3 “What if” title’s in-game interactions and game modes.



HappyenD poses the “What if” scenario of having to lead one of the five ladies from the series to superstardom as an idol. Players pick from closet otaku sister Kirino, chuunibyou goth-loli Kuroneko, straight-laced Ayase, actual-idol-hopeful Kanako or childhood friend Manami and then try to groom them through various means.


The video shows footage of the two main game modes: online social network and offline interactions and photo session mode.


The game swaps players between online and offline interactions with the various heroines. Face-to-face, models are in full 3D, while online interactions have two parts. The first is a bulletin board style social network service. Characters will post comments with each other, and Kyosuke will be able to choose which posts to reply to and insert his own comments as well.


Photo sessions will be vital to raising the success and levels of each heroine by increasing their popularity. To assist in that, during photo shoots players can choose locales, costumes and also physically adjust the camera for the perfect shot.



The first downloadable content will be “My Little Sister Can’t Have Shirts” which will dress the girls up in a white shirt during photo session mode.


A limited edition is also available for the game and it will be released in Japan for the Sony PlayStation 3 September 26.