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The Alliance Alive Demo Is Now Available In North America With A Little Carry-Over Bonus


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Atlus released a demo in North America for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG The Alliance Alive that launches next month. It also comes with a little extra that you’ll get to take with you into the full game.


The Alliance Alive’s demo will let you check out the start of Galil and Azura’s adventure as they set out from The Rain Realm in search of a blue sky. In the demo, you’ll get a taste of The Alliance Alive’s turn-based battle system.


Furthermore, those who complete the demo can get a bonus of up to 4,000 Talent Points that transfers to the full game. These points are used to help build your characters’ abilities so that means you’ll get to start the game with an edge by completing the demo.


The Alliance Alive releases on March 27, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS. Europe will get the demo on March 1.

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