Alone In The Dark Designer Reveals New Survival Horror 2Dark



Alone In The Dark designer and programmer Frederick Raynal has revealed a new retro-style survival horror game 2Dark.


As Mr. Smith, you’ve made it your mission to save as many children as you can from the lairs of various serial killers around the town of Gloomywood.


This involves having to infiltrate each lair, save and further protect the children, avoiding traps and bloodthirsty beings along the way, and then find the exit.


You’ll need to hide in the dark with the rescued kids to avoid being spotted, and will also have to try to keep the noise down as much as possible. You will also find weapons and limited ammo to use, as well as newspaper clippings and journals that give you insight into the motivations of these killers.



2Dark is as gruesome as it sounds, with concept art showing a scene featuring mutilated children, who are the victims of Delicatessen Lewis – a cannibal psychopath who wears a pig mask.


However, the final game will, at least, not be too graphic as it’s being created with pixels and voxels, giving it a rather friendly look overall. It’s also inspired by horror icons and tropes making it a little more familiar to horror fans.


Raynal calls 2Dark an effort to return to the psychological tension of earlier survival horror games. He and his team are hoping that enough people want that and will help to fund the game’s development over on Ulule.

Chris Priestman