Alone In The Dark Designer Reveals First Trailer For New Stealth Horror Game


It’s been a year since Alone In The Dark designer and programmer Frederick Raynal and his team at Gloomywood announced the upcoming stealth horror game 2Dark.


Now, finally, more news of the game has arrived with its first trailer. It’s also now possible to pre-order the game to get early beta access and provide feedback of your experience with the team.


The description of 2Dark goes like this:


Rediscover the meaning of “horror” as you guide Mr. Smith in his quest to redemption and rescue kidnapped children from the clutches of dreadful serial killers. But beware, as you might be their next victim…


You need to infiltrate the lairs of these serial killers, sticking to the shadows and keeping quiet, and then escort the captured kids back out. While the game doesn’t let down on the dark and gruesome details it does have a friendly look to make it at least somewhat bearable.


The idea is to bring 2Dark to PC in 2016. You can find out more on its website.

Chris Priestman