Alpha Preview Of “Censorship Simulator” The Westport Independent Released



The Westport Independent is a game about censorship, corruption, and newspapers. In short, it combines all three of those factors into what its creators at Double Zero One Zero call a “censorship simulator.”


You play as the editor for one of the last independent newspapers in a post-war country. Recently, the country’s Loyalist Party was elected into government. Meanwhile, there’s a rebellion movement rising up in the country that isn’t happy with its new government.



Your job is to edit the newspaper’s headlines and content to change the people’s opinion of the government and the rebels. You can be in favor or against either. Whatever you choose there are consequences for your decisions: the rebels could move towards an uprising while the government might sanction your newspaper. In the meantime, you also have to think about trying to sell your newspapers, otherwise it’ll go under.


Mixed in with all this, you’ll talk to your fellow employees as they discuss political topics and the stance the newspaper should take. You’ll also receive letters from public figures and rebels that will try to curve your newspaper towards their perspective.


screen_2 screen_5

Recently, Double Zero One Zero released an alpha preview of The Westport Independent for Windows and Mac. You can download it here. It will also be coming to smartphones once it’s finished.

Chris Priestman