Alphadia Genesis 2 Is Now Available On iOS Too



After releasing it on Android back in March, Kemco has now launched Alphadia Genesis 2 on iOS at the limited-time sale price of $4.99, down from the full price of $9.99. You can purchase it on the App Store.


Alphadia Genesis 2 takes place once again during the genocide of the Atramian population who are said to be affected by black energi – a force presumed to be evil. Kemco says that in this sequel you’ll “[d]iscover the true face of evil” as the game’s story “reaches to new heights and weaves the convictions of many into a story filled with belief, sacrifice, revenge, and ultimately hope!”



There are also usability improvements to be found in this sequel when compared to the first game. “These include swiping gestures to move between pages, rolling menus, control schemes with increased flexibility, and adjustable encounter rates,” according to Kemco.


Alphadia Genesis was also available on PC and Wii U as well as iOS and Android. There’s no word yet as to whether this sequel will arrive on other platforms in the future.

Chris Priestman