Existential RPG Always Sometimes Monsters has updated itself with a new demo on Steam that comes full circle.


ASM_DemoScreen2 ASM_DemoScreen3

The demo will let Always Sometimes Monsters demo players be game journalists, going to a review event for Always Sometimes Monsters within the demo itself. You’ll be able to “interact” with in-game journalists and the in-game developers, and even write the in-game review.


These quotes will then be shared amongst other demo players as a mixing of the real and virtual worlds.


ASM_DemoScreen4 ASM_DemoScreen5

ASM_DemoScreen6 ASM_DemoScreen7

Always Sometimes Monsters was released in May this year by Devolver Digital and sets you as a person who’s hit rock bottom and discovering your beloved’s about to marry someone else. The choices you pick and what you do then, set against a ticking time clock, will give you endings which may or may not see you reunited with your lost love.


It also touches on a lot of key current topics, including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, mental health, suicide, child abuse and more. As part of the celebration for the new demo, the game is now on a a 50% discount as well for this week.


Always Sometimes Monsters is out now on PC.


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