Sometimes, we’re forced to cut a lot of content out of our features in order to make them "flow" better and digestible enough for people to read. That said, the content that ends up not making the cut is often very in interesting itself…so here’s a few more user-reviews of Fragile Dreams that we didn’t include in our Amazon Curve on the game.


I Enjoyed it (3 stars)


I’ve been interested in the game since before, so I bought it. I looked at the other reviews, but I had enjoyed it. It’s true that there isn’t a lot of content (I played slowly and got 15 hours), there’s few enemies, and there aren’t really boss-like enemies.


It was also a bit of a different feel from the ruin exploration that everyone said it would be like. The game focused a lot on the story, like most other games nowadays, and the game system was almost extra, so in the end I felt like I had read a book or something.


Because of that, it may be difficult to understand for younger players. I also felt that the story was sad and difficult. If you’re at this game for gameplay, I don’t think this game is the one for you. This may sound bad, but it may be best to play it when you have free time. Lastly, some parts of the graphics were horrible, which was a shame. Just judging from the content of the game, the value of the game was high, I felt.


It’s a shame… (3 stars)


I finished the game in 12 hours. Even if I took my time and walked around, it would still only be 15 hours, while throwing everything out the window and going for a speed run would end up somewhere around 8 hours.


I was disappointed because the game was very different from what I had imagined from the promo video. I wish they’d done something about the RPG traits that only hindered the game or the dungeons filled with pointless filler… I won’t go so far to say that it was a crap or stupid, but if I had to put it in a few words, it’d be “I don’t think this is it” or “I’m disappointed”…


At any rate, I felt that there was good potential but it was hindered by poor writing. If you had as high expectations as I did, you’re in for a surprise.


If you buy it knowing this, that’s fine, but being able to clear the game in 10 hours even though it’s an RPG is kind of half-baked. With the material it had, they could’ve ended it in 5 hours, but if they had changed point of views or something they could have created an adventure game that we can enjoy multiple times. Also, the heroine-like girl doesn’t really appear a lot… A warning to those buying this game because of her.


Pros: -Overall atmosphere, BGM, the mood of the first half -Substory -Promo video


Cons: -Crude battle system -Greater half of the story (especially the motivations of the last boss and the way he reformed were exasperating.) -The person who wrote the scenario almost like he was saying “There are no evil men among catlovers” where you have to hit the small-fry wild dog enemies. (It’s like a third-rate light novel meant to trick Otakus with things that can’t even trick children.) -Even though there’s a cute heroine, she doesn’t really appear.


FRAGILE (3 star)


I fell in love with the cover and decided to buy it. I cleared the game. Took a mere 8 hours. The atmosphere and world inside the game were wonderful. They were just as I’d imagined them, and were very nostalgic. And the movies inserted at different points in the game left a big impression on me. I wonder if lots of people will like the visuals?


However, I was disappointed that the main of the game was exploring the ruins and the battles. Especially the battles, I couldn’t see what was fun about them. – There was very little variation with the enemies. – The items break easily, and changing them was a pain. – There wasn’t much merit to defeating the enemies.


Towards the last half, the more I went, the more it felt like a chore. I didn’t really feel like I got stronger with level-up’s either. The ruin exploration that they were so proud of didn’t really give me a sense of discovery either. I didn’t get any feeling of exhilaration or fun.


The characters were all charming, but I wish they would’ve interacted more. To put it simply, it was just “come and go.” It wasn’t an awful game at all, but if you ask me whether I was satisfied, I have to say no. The ingredients were pretty good, but the way everything was cooked… It’s a game I was glad to have played, but I find myself thinking, “If they’d done this this way…” It’s really a shame the game was like this.


Possible if You Hadn’t Bought it Looking for Gameplay… (2 stars)


Pros: -The environment corroded by rust and green -The BGM in the environment and during scenes -The appearance of characters


Cons: -Everything related to scenario -Everything related to battles -Everything related to user interface


Looking at it as a game meant to be played for fun, there’s not really anything to compliment about it. The battles seemed like they were just thrown in, so the controls aren’t fun, and the scenario is a straight path, so even if you explore, you aren’t asked to wrack your brains to solve something or to gain something. Also, the user interface couldn’t have been created with convenience in mind.


Just forget that you’re playing this game for “fun,” and treat it as a sight-seeing game, as a game for admiring the sights of a world heading towards twilight as you go on your journey, then the game is all right. (Take the tacked-on scenario as a trial you have to go through that will explain the next set of sights you’ll see.)


To those thinking of buying this, I suggest you, if you’re going to buy the game, go to a video site and search for videos of gameplay. If you want to see the ruins or walk around in the ruins and don’t care about anything else, then you can go ahead and head towards the register.


The balance is… (1 star)


I bought the game because I thought the world and the graphics were amazing. As I thought, the graphics and the movies left me with a great impression with how detailed they were made, but everything else was bad.


The target audience for the makers were lovers of light novels and lovers of RPGs, so the scenario ended up being cliché and the RPG elements were also elementary. The action parts were also ridiculously simple, and I only have negative things to say about it. I don’t know if it was created with children or adults in mind, but I felt it was a mismatch for the game and the scenario.


Also, there wasn’t really any point to items since there’s no opportunity to use them or sell them at all. There are lots of healing points. There are four types of weapons, but even if you don’t use all of them, you can clear the game, so there’s no point. There’s also no real need to level up and leveling up more than you have to is pointless. If you ignore all of this and play, you can easily complete the game in 10 hours.


With this said, the system has too many bad parts. It’s noticeable. As for the game, the only things that shone for it were the graphics and movies…


An ICO that Tried to Evolve but Failed (1 star)


To put it shortly, it’s as the title says. It’s not like they were trying to make ICO, but I couldn’t find any other phrase to summarize.


There’s RPG-like points in the game, but they clearly get in the way. For Bandai-Namco, RPG would be the Tales series, but it feels like there was the influence from that game showed in this game in a bad way. There always has to be some guy who suffered something tragic or another that made this world go like this (and made this place like this). Is it impossible for Bandai-Namco, or game creators in general, to make a game not like this? Even without these things, there are reasons ruins could have appeared in the past, and the protagonist could be alone in those ruins and go out on a journey to search for others. He wants to stay with the girl had met coincidentally and go to search for her, and with that he runs into one once-in-a-lifetime encounter after another. And then he gets together with the girl and now the two of them go out on a journey to find somewhere where there are others (let’s call it a village), and finally they arrive. Not because they met and parted in such a short period of time several times but because they stayed together for a long period of time, the two settle down. Couldn’t they have just left it at that?


Game-wise, it’s boring. There’s nothing after you finish the game. At first, when the battles were still new, they were all right, but as the game advanced, they got tiresome and on top of that the camera is hard to control, which was really irritating. Also, once you go to another floor or enter or leave a room, the enemies you just defeated revive. This was also really annoying. The number of items you could carry is so few, you couldn’t even light a bonfire with everything you carry.


Lastly, there’s the media franchise. When the protagonist Seto becomes and adult, he’s alone, and you know in the game that he leaves the girl in some shape or form (in the story, the adult Seto is reminiscing on his boyhood days), but … why wasn’t this resolved during the game? I don’t hate media franchises, and I actually want them to do it, but in I just feel like it was a pre-set condition, that it would turn out into a franchise series. If it’s something they could’ve finished it in this game, then they should have done it in this game, but instead they publish it in another form. This is great for sales, but couldn’t there have been another way? It’s great to think about sales, but we don’t need franchises that exist solely to reel in more sales.


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