Ambition Of The Slimes Looking To Possess Opponents On PC



Tactical 3DS RPG Ambition of the Slimes is seeking a PC release, looking to raise Greenlight votes so more players can possess opponents using goopy powers on other platforms.




Slimes will get stomped in a hurry should they get caught outside of a human body, so it’s important to make frequent using of their Claim ability, which lets them take over a human’s body. Should this work, the player will take over that enemy unit, letting them use it on their foes.


Each slime has varied powers outside of a human body. These abilities, like teleportation, will help the slimes get in range of their human foes so they can claim just the right unit for players to do the most damage.




Ambition of the Slimes is raising votes on Steam Greenlight for its PC release, but lists no set release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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