Amelia Joins Assault Spy




Assault Spy has received another update, and this one introduces the second playable character to the game. Amelia has entered the arena. Well, actually, the Dojo. Her story mode is not available yet, but people can test her out and see how her moveset differs from Asaru’s in Dojo Mode.


Amelia is described as more blunt than Asaru. His character focuses on speed and timing, while she is a brawler. Her style may appear more similar to the button mashing sort you might expect from a beat’em up.


In addition to Amelia’s inclusion, Guard Meters have been added to some enemies and the Death March mode is now available. With Guard Meters, it is possible to really go to town on an opponent and break through their defenses. If a boss or foe experiences a Guard Break, you have a brief opportunity to do more damage than usual. Death Mark is a timed mode where you have to go from floor to floor attacking enemies and hopefully reaching the end before time runs out. Good battle ranks and defeating enemies adds to your time. If you run out, you have to start over.


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Assault Spy is available via Early Access for the PC. It is currently $19.99, but its price will be going up to $24.99 the week of July 22, 2018. When it leaves early access, it will cost $29.99.

Jenni Lada
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