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Amnesia: Memories Gets A Simultaneous Release On Steam & PSN In North America



Amnesia: Memories will be available for download on Steam and the PlayStation Network on August 25 in North America, Idea Factory International announced today. Europe will get the PSN version the following day, on August 26. The Vita version is compatible with PlayStation TV.


The life of Amnesia: Memories’ heroine depends on hiding her recent loss of memory from five men close to her. The player will have to navigate these complex relationships without revealing her secret. The game begins on August 1, when the heroine wakes up with no previous memory of who she is. A mysterious spirit, named Orion, is tasked with helping her retrieve them, but Orion warns her that if any of the men discovers her amnesia, she may never be able to recover her memories.


The game lets you choose which one of the five guys you want to explore as your love interest. Each love interest has multiple branching story paths, giving the game more than 20 endings. Making the right conversation choices is key, as the game centers around three parameters: Affection, Trust, and Suspicion. Making the right choices will max out Affection and Trust, but taking a wrong turn might increase suspicion and compromise your memories.


Other features include a College Games section where the player can use touch controls to play mini-games like Rock, Paper, Scissors or Air Hockey against other characters. Winning these games will unlock special images. Meeting certain requirements through conversation choices will also unlock voiced images in the gallery.


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