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Amon26’s Critically Acclaimed Horror Platformer Gyossait Is Coming To Vita



Publisher Wolf Game is helping “avant garde designer, musician and artist” Amon26 to bring his critically acclaimed horror platformer Gyossait to PlayStation Vita in 2015.


Gyossait was originally released in 2011 and is still playable for free on Newgrounds. In 2013, Amon26 released Gyossait Deluxe Edition on PC for $8, which comes with the soundtrack, an art gallery, an early prototype of the game as well as an unreleased prequel called Uzaza. It also comes with three other games by Amon26: Au Sable, All Of Our Friends Are Dead, and The Hunt.


The newly created page regarding the Vita version of Gyossait doesn’t yet say whether it will be the original Gyossait, the Deluxe Edition, or another iteration of the game (perhaps an enhanced version?), nor has any price been determined yet.


What I can tell you, then, is that Gyossait has you playing as a god named Oyeatia who heads into the darkest realms of Earth to find his lost love, the Goddess of Earth, Gyossait. The back story goes that Oyetia created mankind as a gift for his love but she ended up killing millions of humans in a cataclysm after they started to neglect the planet.


This was enough to cause Oyetia to tear Gyossait apart and bury her deep inside the planet, out of the way. Now Oyetia feels regret and sacrifices immortality to enter the Gyossait’s prison to get her back. On the way, you’ll face destroyed humans devoured by Gyossait’s rage and pixel scenes depicting torture and torment.


You can find more screenshots of Gyossait on its website, where you should also check back for more information about its upcoming Vita version.

Chris Priestman