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Amusing Final Fantasy XIV Commercial Shows Off Beauty Salon Feature


There’s a new hairdressing feature coming to Final Fantasy XIV if you haven’t heard. It’s part of the game’s beauty salon, which allows you to change your character’s look. Snip snip! And off the edges go.



I’ve never actually used an in-game barbershop in any of the online RPGs I’ve played—usually perfectly happy with the original hair style I chose upon character creation—but these are actually pretty popular, if usually completely cosmetic, features.


While there was a quick Q&A about the beauty salon feature with Square Enix, there hasn’t been word on whether you pay every time you cut your hair. Whether there is or there isn’t, those who just hit random generate and went straight to the game can now sit back and do a little bit of doodling with their characters to look a little more MANLY or more charmingly womanly soon enough.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is out now on PC and PlayStation 3.