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An abbreviated account of Hiiro no Kakera DS: Part 1


Hiiro no Kakera DS starts with quite a bit of exposition. It begins with a detailed explanation of why our heroine, Tamaki Kasuga, is suddenly living with her grandmother in a rural mountain town. (Her parents decided to focus on their careers and ditch her.)

Tamaki and Takumi

So Tamaki's making the best of it in the prologue, wandering around and enjoying the ambiance. All of a sudden she's assaulted by three slimy, one-eyed, purple ooze monsters. She's then quickly grabbed from behind by the attractive Takuma, who proceeds to defend and save her.


He then escorts her home, where she's welcomed by her grandma's maid/assistant, Mitsuru. Her grandmother proceeds to tell her that six families protect the area from monsters. Tamaki must act as the princess and seal the demon blade with the help of Takuma and four other attractive men.


What's a girl to do after learning she has to save the world? Well, sleep and go about her life as normally as possible. Beforehand, she discovers a cute little white fox-demon thing with blue markings.

Tamaki hnk

The next day Tamaki goes to her new school, and surprise – Takuma attends the same school and is in the same grade. Tamaki also makes her first friend, a perky bespeckled girl who of course will never know about her secret life.


During a break, Tamaki heads to the roof. Takuma then introduces her to the diminutive upperclassman Mahiro. Mahiro and Takuma bicker good-naturedly, and Tamaki learns that Mahiro is also one of the warriors who will protect her. He's cocky and very confident, and seems happy to meet her.

Yuuichi hnk

After the meeting it's back to class, and time passes uneventfully. Once all classes are completed, Tamaki heads to the library. She then meets the upperclassman Yuuichi. They have a pleasant conversation, and Takuma appears and informs her that Yuuchi is in on the demon-blade sealing. Small world.


Takuma escorts Tamaki home. They arrive at the same time as Tsuguru, the eldest of the demon-blade sealing brigade. He's dressed in kimono and very friendly with both Tamaki and Takuma.


Shortly after that, Mahiro and Yuuichi also arrive, and the five members of the demon-blade brigade have dinner with Mitsuru. During dinner Mahiro and Takuma fight over food, with poor Yuuichi caught in between them. Tsuguru and Tamaki look on and laugh. At this point, a hot-pot mini-game occurs, with Tamaki trying to gather four foods requested by Tsuguru, Yuuichi and Takuma together.


Once dinner's finished, Tamaki is walking to her room and stops to stare at the full moon. Tsuguru comes up, and says that she'll catch a cold alone like that. He puts a robe around her and wishes her goodnight.


Tamaki then heads to her room, where she is given the opportunity to name the little fox, and then falls asleep.


Next time: Tamaki meets Shinji and a suspicious new teacher.


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