An Importer’s Guide To Will O’ Wisp Portable



Will O’ Wisp Portable for the PSP is out, and if you’ve played one of Idea Factory’s other PSP visual novel ports, like Hiiro no Kakera Portable, you’ll have no trouble finding your way through. The controls for Will O’ Wisp Portable and Hiiro no Kakera are practically identical, and the menus are set up in a similar fashion.


The Will O’ Wisp Portable basic controls are identical to the ones used in Hiiro no Kakera Portable. The L button quick saves your game, and the R button loads your quick save. The triangle button brings down the main menu, the square button starts the auto-play or skip feature, the circle button confirms selections and the x button cancels decisions and makes the text box temporarily disappear. The select button, once again, toggles the speed at which the auto-play runs.



The main menu is very simple, as there are only four options. It is also identical to the main menu from the original Will O’ Wisp PS2 game. The first item lets you start a new game of Will O’ Wisp, the Easter no Kiseki fandisk or the additional PSP content. The second lets you load saves. Third is the options menu. The last menu option is the album with images and movies you’ve collected so far.


Will O’ Wisp’s in-game menu is pretty much identical to Hiiro no Kakeru Portable’s as well. The only difference is, where Hiiro no Kakera had a menu option that displayed character affections and lead to an in-game dictionary, Will O’ Wisp’s only displays character affections.


If you’re familiar with visual novels, especially Idea Factory visual novels, Will O’ Wisp Portable should feel very familiar.

Jenni Lada
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