An Octave Higher Deals With Class Struggle In A World Of Industrial Magic



Japanese indie game publisher Playism has brought Kidalang’s visual novel An Octave Higher to Steam and is also selling it on its own store. It’s available to Research at its full price of $11.99.


An Octave Higher is set in a world called Overture in which the industrial revolution introduced magical science and engineering. With this came a bigger divide between the classes: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. A struggle appeared among those left at the bottom and the plot is set with a revolution brewing in the background.



On either side of the class divide are Franz Byron, a magical science student, and a factory worked called Elise Shelley. Franz happens across Elise as she tries to cast a healing spell on a broken piano. As he’s researching the effect of healing spells on inanimate objects he decides to take her on as an assistant.


What ensues is a novel-length story with multiple endings as Franz and Elise, as Playism puts it, “each try to find their own meaning, being led astray and brought together multiple times.”

Chris Priestman