An RPG About A Japanese Salaryman Who Makes Games To Escape Reality



Japanese studio Onion Games has announced a new smartphone RPG called Brave Yamada-kun. It’s about a 36-year-old Japanese salaryman who spends his nights making an RPG starring himself. He’s the knight and therefore the hero who must save the princess in this fantasy world.


He does this by working through tile-based dungeons, fighting monsters, and collecting loot and upgrades. You have to draw a path for him to follow through the dungeons that allows him to get to the goal without taking too much damage.



You’ll also experience parts of the salaryman’s working life as he brings in parts of it into his game such as turning his horrible boss into an evil mage and the girl he fancies into a princess.


You can keep an eye on the Brave Yamada-kun and any updates on its website.

Chris Priestman