imagen-Space has been searching for a publisher to pick up Winter, a survival game where Mia has to brave a supernatural snowstorm and monsters. Winter was originally in development for Wii with motion control support.


… in early 2009. What happened to Winter?


“Funding the development of a title of Winter’s scope is not in n-Space’s game plan right now. Also, recent mature releases on the Wii have shown us that it would be a challenge to succeed with it,” said Dan (perhaps Dan O’Leary, President and Founder of n-Space) over Facebook.


Fair enough, but how about bringing Winter to another platform such as the Nintendo DS. n-Space has developed a number of Nintendo DS games and just submitted an unannounced eleventh game. “We’ve considered taking Winter to other platforms,” Dan typed. “There was even a Winter DS level built here to show it could be done by a couple of very resourceful and motivated employees.”

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