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Anarcute Is Probably The Cutest Riot Simulator You’ll Ever See



    Can anarchy be cute? According to the French five-person team behind Anarcute it can be. The studio announced that this cutesy riot simulator would be coming to Xbox One this summer with a new trailer. It will also be heading to PC afterwards.


    In it, you lead dozens of demonstrators who are determined to relieve the world of the evil corporations that lead it. Their solution to this is by rioting and they don’t care if they destroy cities while doing it. And, to get the world’s attention, they’ve decided to wear cute animal heads while doing it.


    The challenge in Anarcute, then, is using the layout of the city to avoid getting your rioters taken down by the cops. You can also use objects in the streets to throw at the cops giving chase, but those carrying teargas and wielding snipers need to be avoided at all costs.


    As your people run rampant across the streets, taking over buildings or destroying them, you’ll also need to use them to convert more people to your cause so as to not let the momentum die out.


    Find out more about Anarcute on its website.

    Chris Priestman

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