Ancient Corp. Announces RPG Project Ouritsu Anaboko Gakuen



Apart from a first look at Susume!! Mamotte Knight, the recent flyer given out at the Yuzo Koshiro concert teased an RPG from Ancient Games called Ouristsu Anaboko Gakuen.


This is not the first Ancient Games title with RPG elements. While the company mostly only borrowed the trappings of one via the Protect Me Knight series, it also made Car Battler Joe, The Legend of Oasis, and Beyond Oasis. It’ll keep a turn-based style of gameplay, but scenarios will be quick and short to fit the needs of modern society.


Ouritsu Anaboko Gakuen will have players taking on dungeons with several of the students from the eponymous Anaboko Gakuen, which over 100 students to choose from.


Ouritsu Anaboko Gakuen is set to release in 2019. No information has been given regarding the platform.

Alistair Wong
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