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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Gets A Monster Hunter Collaboration



Nintendo announced a couple collaborations for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer that will bring Monster Hunter items and a character based on 7-Eleven. 4Gamer shows us more from the future collaboration items and character.



The above is a look at “7-Go” (Number Seven,) a character you can get by visiting a 7-Eleven Wi-Fi hotspot in Japan from July 30th until September 30th. Once you do, 7-Go will show up as a customer at the housing service, where your character works.


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It comes as no big surprise that 7-Go will request a home that has a bit of a convenience store vibe to it. By taking on the request, you’ll get original convenience store items added to your catalog, so you’ll be able to use them whenever you’d like.



We’ve seen Animal Crossing characters show up to hunt, and now it’s time for a Felyne to visit the world of Animal Crossing. This collaboration will be announced at a later date, but a Felyne will visit for what sounds like a certain housing request.



More details on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer’s Monster Hunter collaboration, along with others, will be revealed in the near future.



Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will release in North America on September 25th and in Europe on October 2nd for Nintendo 3DS. Early downloads of the game will feature a special theme. You can also read our earlier report to see some of the cool things you can make in the game.

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