Animal Crossing Looks Pretty In This Pixel Art Demake



    Brazilian pixel artist Midio has imagined Animal Crossing as a 2D pixel art demake as a piece of fan art. He shared the image on Twitter saying “Made an Animal Crossing demake fanart! ^-^ Always wanted to play an AC in pixel art!”


    Midio also tweeted that he was inspired to draw up his demake by two fellow pixel artists: Simon S. Anderson who is working on the action platformer Owlboy, and Joakim Sandberg who created Noitu Love 2 and is currently working on The Iconoclasts.


    Here, Midio is referring to Anderson’s own pixel art mock up of how he’d do a new Wario Land game, as you can see below.




    As for the inspiration from Sandberg, it’s his pixel art mock up of a game starring Daisy, which was itself inspired by Anderson’s mock up. You can see the Daisy game mock up below.




    While we’re at it, it’s worth taking a look at some more of Anderson’s personal takes on other games in pixel art mock ups and re-imaginings that he did this year.


    For instance, before making his Wario Land one, he made an art mock up of a third Chip ‘n’ Dale game, as you can see below.




    After that, he decided to show the world how he’d turn his talent into making Breath of Fire 7, if given the opportunity. That’s the image below.



    Then he turned his attention towards making a redo of Mega Man on the NES. Have a look for yourself:




    Lastly, he was playing Shovel Knight recently, and wondered if he could fix up the game’s sprites using the same restrictions. You can see the result below, which he explained saying, “All the characters are a few pixels bigger for readabillity, but use the same colors and poses, and some design elements have been altered to so they match the character illustrations released alongside the game.”



    Chris Priestman

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