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Animal Crossing New Year’s Event Items Now Available

Animal Crossing New Year's Event

Nintendo has announced the availability of Animal Crossing New Year’s event items through a tweet posted to the game’s official Twitter account. Speaking in the persona of the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons character, Isabelle, the company wrote, “If you’re looking for fun ways to ring in the new year, I hear that Nook Shopping is offering all kinds of neat items from around the world right now,” adding that players should, “get those orders in ASAP.”

There have been four items added to the shop’s inventory. The four items that will be available through Nook Shopping upon logging in are Sparkling Cider, Twelve-Grape Dish, Berliner, and New Year’s Noodles. The Berliner and Twelve-Grape Dish can be purchased for 1,200 Bells each. Meanwhile, the Sparkling Cider and New Year’s Noodles will cost 1,000 Bells and 1,300 Bells respectively.

Other seasonal in-game content is also available. While walking around, players might notice dropping snowflakes. Collecting them and big snowflakes from building perfect Snow Boys allows the player to craft frozen furniture. Additionally, pine trees adorned in festive lights contain special items that can be harvested by shaking the tree. These items are used for crafting ornament wreaths and other decorations.

New furniture and decorations might prove useful to players who are interested in the recent announcement that the National Video Game museum is interested in seeing player’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons personal islands as part of a new project titled “The Animal Crossing Diaries.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available for the Nintendo Switch. A major update that adds the Festivale holiday to the game is expected to release in January 2021. Keeping with the spirit of the season, Nintendo’s Official store in Tokyo, Japan has recently added winter-themed items to its inventory.

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