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Animal Crossing Nook’s Cranny Upgrade Seems to Require a Substantial Amount of Time and Money

animal crossing nook cranny upgrade nook's cranny upgrade

While people who have been time traveling may have already seen an Animal Crossing Nook’s Cranny upgrade, those playing is might be wondering when Timmy and Tommy will expand their store. Well, a dataminer going by the name of Ninji seems to have uncovered the requirements in the code, and they appear to fall in line with previous shop upgrades in past installments. It seems like the key components involve how long Nook’s Cranny has existed and how many bells have been acquired and spent by the player.

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There are actually apparently three Nook’s Cranny upgrade requirements. The first is the easiest and involves Mabel visiting your island to sell. This will happen after Nook’s Cranny is established and you have visited it for the first time, as when you walk in on that first trip you will see the hedgehog wishing Timmy and Tommy well. After that, she’ll eventually visit to sell her clothing in the town square and will eventually open Able Sisters in town with her sister, Sable. 

The spending requirement falls to the player. Timmy and Tommy’s store has to have had a presence on your island for 30 days before any Nook’s Cranny upgrade can begin. It seems you also need to have both bought and spent a combined 200,000 bells there. (If you are already well on your way to a house upgrade, took advantage of the item duplication glitch, or have spent time on tarantula mystery islands, you may already be well on your way there.) Once the time, money, and Mabel requirements are met, you should see Timmy and Tommy expand to a larger store that sells more tools, flower seeds, and pieces of furniture.

All of these apparent requirements call back to past ones. The Animal Crossing Nook’s Cranny upgrades in past games all would involve the store being open for a certain amount of time, in some cases about eight days for the first one, and players spending a certain amount of money, in some between 10,000 and 25,000 bells, to get a larger store.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch. People who have been playing since launch should start seeing Timmy and Tommy begin upgrade measures at the end of April or beginning of May 2020.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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