Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Adds Vesta, Goose, June, Marshal, Drake, Mitzi, And Avery



Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp got its latest update and with it comes seven new Villagers with Vesta, Goose, June, Marshal, Drake, Mitzi, and Avery. A new “Host the Most” event also kicked off.



Here are the seven villagers (listed from left to right of the top image) and their unlockable items:

  • Vesta: Spinning Wheel
  • Goose: Rooster of Barcelos
  • June: Water Cooler
  • Marshal: Siphon
  • Drake: Log Bench
  • Mitzi: Ceramic Hot Pot
  • Avery: Storefront


The “Host the Most” event has also started. This event brings in a set of new Timed Goals where you’re rewarded for hosting animals (host 7 to get the top reward). For a limited time from now through December 27, your friendship with animals grow more quickly than usual when completing requests.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available on iOS and Android.

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