Animal-Themed Action-MMORPG Arpiel Enters Closed Beta In December


Nexon has revealed that developer Ngine Studios animal-themed action-MMORPG Arpiel will be getting an open beta in South Korea starting December 3rd (thanks Steparu).


As Arpiel is one of the games that Nexon will be showcasing at G-Star 2015 between November 19th-22nd in South Korea, a new trailer for the game has been released – watch it above.


As you’ll see, all of Arpiel’s playable characters have powers and personalities based on animals. The main ones are Mage Rabbit, Witch Snake, Fighter Leopard, Puppeteer Sheep, Engineer Squirrel, and Hunter Dog.


These bestial powers can be changed using the game’s Awakening System and it’s said that mixing them leads to a wider and more powerful selection of skills. There are 50 different skills but only 10 can be equipped using the card-based system at a time.


Outside of the tactical combat, Arpiel lets you decorate your house, cook, and tailor your character’s look to your desire. You can find out more on the official website.

Chris Priestman