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Animals Masks Add Unique Powers To Kaze And The Wild Masks’ Donkey Kong Country-Like Play


Kaze and the Wild Masks has introduced the masks from its title with a new trailer, showing off how the various face gear can give Kaze the ability to fly, climb walls, and swim for added challenges.



When not trying to bounce off of enemy heads without hitting the ground or using her ears like a helicopter to glide, Kaze can pick up various animal masks to help get her through various unique stages. A tiger mask will let Kaze climb and cling to walls, allowing her to get through some spiky areas, a bird mask will let her fly around should she need to flutter through some areas filled with pitfalls, and a shark mask makes swimming a snap. These masks, and more, allow for some more variety in stages beyond the game’s Donkey Kong Country-like hopping around.

Kaze and the Wild Masks has more to draw from its inspiration than just its play style. The game also offers tons of secrets, minigame matches, and hidden letter throughout its various worlds, challenging players to poke around every platform and space to see what’s buried there.



Kaze and the Wild Masks is projected to release in Q3 2018.

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