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Anime Inspired MMO Onigiri Heads West With English Beta



We knew online anime action-RPG game Onigiri was headed to PC in the West after an earlier alpha test. We now have the date for the game’s closed beta—June 5th.



The game is set in classical Japanese fair, with the various characters being descended from the demons, or “oni”. Originally a Taiwanese game, it was also ported over to the PlayStation 4 for its launch and PC.


It’s got an almost-equal split between beautiful women and hunky men for class characters, ensuring there’s someone for anyone. The beta is an “unlimited” closed beta test, so anyone can join. Isn’t that an open beta then? You can get the client right here.


Onigiri is available in Japan on PlayStation 4 and PC, and is headed West on PC, though no release date has been set.