Anime-Inspired Triple-Action Hack-‘N’-Slasher ELOA Gets New Expansion



Triple-action hack-‘n’-slash MMORPG ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance has been updated with an expansion called “The Lost Temple.”


It includes the new challenging raid dungeon “Lost Temple,” which is a ruin abandoned long ago, and fraught with dangers only Level 40 players and up are allowed to experience.


The final bosses you’ll encounter in this temple include Mabo, Shed, and Nemegaz. “Since all bosses have their own 1-hit fatal attack, avoiding annihilation will be the most important tactic in helping players defeat enemies and get Lv. 40 unique weapons for all classes,” says publisher WEBZEN.


This update also brings with it a dungeon hunter event that lasts until February 23rd. “The first three players (including all party members) of each server who submit their dungeon-clear screenshots of the Lost Temple in the event thread on the official ELOA forum, will get the Happy Phillos Uniform Collection: A costume that changes their characters’ appearance,” says WEBZEN.


Plus, the best screenshots from each server will be picked by ELOA’s game master in the forums, and an attendance-check event is being held until the end of February.

Chris Priestman