Anime-Style Online Shooter Cosmic League Launches On December 10th


Japanese developer CyberStep (the creator of Onigiri) has announced that its anime-style online shooter Cosmic League will launch in North America on December 10th.


You can pre-register now on its website and until December 7th to receive a limited-edition starter Cosmoloid (you can choose any one of the three main heroines) with an exclusive hair color, free tickets for the Cash Shop, and a starter pack with boost items, in-game money, and key items.

Cosmic League is the sequel to CosmicBreak and pits two teams of 10 Cosmoloids against each other in. There are six different classes that offer a range of close-quarters melee combat, mid-range attacks, and long-range blasts.


The arenas that you fight in are also dynamic and will require you to react to sudden changes in the land and sky such as a falling meteor that drastically affects the area of play. Cosmic League offers different leagues to play in, a progressive unlock system, and augmentations to customize your character.

Chris Priestman