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Another Eccentric Lady Joins The Cast Of Drakengard 3


Square Enix’s upcoming PlayStation 3 action RPG, Drakengard 3, will feature talented individuals known as the Utatai. We recently got a look at Drakengard 3 protagonist Zero’s tragic past, who will be siding with dragons on the battlefield. Zero also has a sister by the name of One, who aims to one day stand on top of the world. In the latest Famitsu report, Square reveal one of their other sisters, who goes by “Five”.




Five is an Utatai who rules the Nation of the Sea. She is one of the six sisters, including Zero and One. She’s very confident in her abilities, and is also known to be quite the avaricious lady. Her greedy nature appears to be difficult to satisfy, as she is quick to lose interest after obtaining whatever she was originally after.


In addition to her constant desires, she seems to have a habit of discussing dissolute subjects during normal conversations, such as talking about one’s sex life with little to no regard for the situation.


Meanwhile, the protagonist, Zero, has a lazy personality, but she’s also very violent in nature. This would explain her constant arguments with One, who is a lot more serious. These arguments aren’t comparable to what you may consider everyday sibling disagreements, either. Over time, the disputes have led to something more serious, as the two share different beliefs. While One wishes rise on top of all the Utatai to bring peace to the world, Zero’s objective is to kill all the other Utatai in the world.


It has yet to be revealed how the Utatai are born, but they say that they’re dispatched by the “Church” of each nation. The above image is a look at one of the Churches.


Zero’s battle characteristics show off her violent side, as her tension rises after being drenched in the enemy’s blood, and in turn goes into an “Excited State”. When her excitement reaches a climax, she activates the “Utatai Mode,” which grants her an overwhelming power to further annihilate her opponents, in a much more violent style.


Drakengard 3 is slated for release on October 31 for PlayStation 3.

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