Thanks to retail leaks, we know Wii Remote Plus will be bundled with FlingSmash in North America. Nintendo’s upgraded remote has the Wii MotionPlus gyroscopic dongle built inside.


That’s nice, but what is FlingSmash? It’s like Arkanoid with Wii Sports tennis controls. In this game, players swing the remote to send Smasher flying through blocks as the screen automatically scrolls horizontally, and according to these screenshots, vertically.


img_3-3[2] img_3-4[1] img_3-5[1] img_3-6[2] img_3-7[2] img_3-8[1] img_3-1[2]


A key reason why Wii Play is in so many homes and on Nintendo’s all-time top seller list is because it’s bundled with a Wii Remote. Perhaps, FlingSmash will be that popular?

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