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Anthem Arrives February 22, 2019


anthem e3 2018


At EA Play 2018, a new Anthem trailer and Q&A segment was offered to help people understand what to expect from BioWare’s new game, which launches on February 22, 2019. It was described during this segment as having a dynamic, living world. People would engage in multiplayer elements in the world, which is a shared space, and single player elements when in a hub. The idea of having updates for years to come was announced.


In Anthem’s world, gods abandoned it after creating it. Their tools are there, so they are being reshaped. This means there will be evolving spaces and different sorts of monsters. Players will be freelancer pilots who can use Javelin exosuits to survive in the world and complete objectives. It is built around combining a personal story and working with others. Supposedly, people who want to focus on the story and play alone can, and those who want to can team up with three others.


The four Javelin power suits can be switched depending on circumstances. For example, the Ranger is a generalized suit that is best at 1v1, up close combat. The Colossus contains big weapons that deal a lot of damage. The two other suits are the Interceptor and Storm. These suits can be customized.


Monetization was discussed. People can buy cosmetic items. There will be no loot boxes, so you can see exactly what you buy, and Anthem will not be a pay-to-win kind of game.


Here is the Anthem E3 2018 trailer.



Anthem will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 22, 2019.

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