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Anthem Sold Through 92.28% Of Its Initial Shipment For PS4 In Japan



BioWare’s third-person sci-fi shooter Anthem released worldwide over a week ago and we saw that it topped the Japanese charts with 77,938 units sold for PS4 in its opening week. Japanese sales tracker Media Create shared further details on how it performed.


According to the sales tracker, Anthem sold about 78,000 units across two platforms in Japan (PS4 and Xbox One). In terms of sales, it is close to that of Ubisoft’s The Division, which sold around 82,000 units in its debut back in March 2016.


As for Anthem, the majority sold on PS4 and its sell-through was a whopping 92.28% for the platform’s initial shipment. While it sold through most of its shipment, Media Create suggests that it can be seen as a lost opportunity as stores have been sold out and its debut may have been higher had EA shipped out more for its debut.


Anthem is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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