Major\Minor is a new visual novel with anthropomorphic characters and a murderous mystery at its heart that’s now available on Steam. Note that it’s not fully finished and the story will be continued through free updates.


It has you playing as one of the “Lucky Two,” who won the opportunity to travel the world with international pop star Klace. Unfortunately, upon arriving in Tokyo, you get caught up in a conspiracy known as “The Midnight Deaths.”


“The Midnight Deaths” is a wave of murders and suicides that happen exactly at midnight and have been spreading across Japan. You have to balance your social life in the day time with being whisked away to a hostile world during the night where you’ll have the chance to save Earth.


Major\Minor has 22 characters to interact with, friendships and dating, and multiple endings. Only the first chapter is currently available with the other 11 planned to come each month until November 2016.

Chris Priestman

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