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Anti-RPG moon Will Get New ‘Sketch of moondays 2020’ Album Release Next Year


Over the weekend, Onion Games held their end-of-year party, and announced at the event that they will be releasing a new updated version of ‘anti-RPG’ moon‘s soundtrack in 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The original ‘Sketch of moondays’ soundtrack was released in 2002 after many fan requests, and contained three CDs worth of music. Since then, prices for the soundtrack have skyrocketed, and this new release gives gamers another chance to own the game’s soundtrack.

‘The Sketch of moondays 2020’ (tent. name) remasters the tracks that were on the previous soundtrack, and adds in all the music that appears the game-within-game ‘Fake moon’, which weren’t on the previous soundtrack. There will also be a moon Visual & Music booklet that contains visual rough drafts, and interviews regarding the music, and more.

‘The Sketch of moondays 2020’ is being produced by musical group Thelonious Monkees, and will release in Spring 2020. According to Onion Games, they’re aiming to release it in March 2020.

In related Onion Games news, Dandy Dungeon 2 (a sequel that’s coming as a large update for the first game) was shown off at the event as well. It contains even harder dungeons with even stricter roguelike restrictions, like the Stairway to Heaven dungeon where you begin with no equipment. It’s for those looking for a challenge within Dandy Dungeon‘s ruleset.

Dandy Dungeon 2: The Illusory Bride, will come to the Nintendo Switch version as a free update in early Spring 2020. moon soundtrack ‘The Sketch of moondays 2020’ will release in Spring 2020. moon: Remix RPG Adventure is available on Nintendo Switch.

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